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The Eggcast - Series 1

Whilst I'm in the mood for uploading stuff, I should probably say that I shall soon be embarking on yet another audio journey. Doing a regular podcast is yet another one of those things I've long intended to do, but just can't quite seem to get sorted. Because? Well, life and stuff, init?

But, I am determined that my lifelong commitment to procrastination shall no longer get in my way. So, in the spirit of getting ones finger out, what better way to prelude the birth of a new podcast than by sharing, in it's entirety, the glory of the last one?

The Eggcast originally ran for 13 episodes just before Easter 2016. I then intended to take a 2 week break. Now, over a year later, I present what the Netflix generation may well refer to as Season 1. Enjoy.

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