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  • Dave Baird


What is Voiceover?


Voiceover (or voice over) is an unseen element of any produced content where the voice is placed over, or describes, the action. This could be in radio, TV, movies, animation or online content like Tik-Tok. A voiceover is the person who provides that voice. Simple, right?


I already knew that! How do I find the right voiceover?


Ah, well therein lies the rub! Every script is different and could be interpreted in a thousand ways. What you’re really looking for is the voice that most closely matches the sound you have in your head when you write the script or read it to yourself. For that you need someone with the experience, training and versatility to take direction and give you a great read without any fuss.


How do I know if your voice is the right one?


I would describe my voice as natural, engaging and interesting. Or funny, chatty and real. My accent is fairly neutral, but I’m a West Country boy living in Bristol so I can dial up the local accent if that’s what you’re looking for, me babber!


All voiceovers will try to describe their voice using words like genuine, powerful, down to earth, sexy, husky and even non-voiceovery…


But it’s much easier to listen to some examples and demos to get a feel for the type of voice and range available. Better still, ask for a bespoke demo and I’ll record a section of your script for free to see if I’m right for the job.


So, where can I download a demo?


Funny you should say that, here’s some I prepared earlier.


What about examples of previous work and clients you’ve worked with?


I’ve voiced thousands of commercials for TV and radio for brands like Cadbury, Love Island, SCS, Wilko, Chevrolet and BMW.

I do IVR and on-hold telephone messages for companies like Sandals Resorts, Go Car Credit and Hoover/Candy.

You can also hear me in-store in places like ASDA, Co-op and HSBC.

Online you’ll find my voice on animations and explainer videos for the likes of B&Q, H Samuel and HMRC.

I’ve also voiced video inserts for the Eurovision Song Contest, provided ADR for TV series like “Before We Die” and have recently recorded a number of voices for a major new series from Aardman Animation and the BBC....Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures.


They sound great! Now what?


Get in touch and let’s arrange a recording in my purpose built, acoustically treated, professional voiceover booth right here in Bristol…I should point out, you don’t have to join me in the booth…to be honest it’s not really built for two!

But thanks to the power of modern technology, you can connect with me via Cleanfeed, Source Connect, Zoom, Teams or any number of methods to listen to the recording and direct me in a live session. Or you can email me the script and I’ll return the audio as a .wav or .mp3 file for your approval.


How much does a voiceover cost?


I wish there was a simple answer to this, but it really depends on the type of project you’re working on and the exact usage (whether it’s on TV, radio, social media, etc). If you get in touch and tell me all about it, I can talk you through exactly how it works.


What other services do you offer?


I haven’t always been a voiceover you know…I’m also an award-winning copywriter and just love coming up with new ideas and concepts. So, if you need some help with a script for your product, brand or service give me a shout and I’ll provide you with the words you need.


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